Watch: Trump screams at CNN reporter humiliating him as fake news

CNN had no problem reporting false news as "fact" to make their viewers think Trump was wrong. Al-Baghdadi is the current leader of ISIS, but the group was started by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

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This is a free thinking zone. Corporate Media not allowed beyond this point

Stand with America, stand with God, and stand with Prntly as we expose the media daily. Our fight isn't easy. The entire liberal establishment has stood against us. But even President Trump is a fan. We will keep you informed, even if the media wants you blind.

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Cnn published fake news and Trump made them into maroons.

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Yes they’re fools.


Yes they are crap. Turn off CNN. Block their channel



Also stop clicking their damn links.

Democrats HUMILIATED: Pro-Trump teens trick CIA with fake ‘proof’ of Russian hacking and they fell for it


CNN, ABC, BuzzFeed, all trash that makes money when you visit their webpage. Or watch their channel. So stop it. They’re dirty.

They are clickbait


Check out @RT_com’s Tweet:

Share this story the media does not want you reading

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