1930s are back in FAShion : German “secret force” seeks to censor press and may BAN Breitbart

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No more free press, or free ideas! A secret task force is investigating any news reports they deem “suspicious” or “unusual” in Germany, especially ones attacking the Chancellor.

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No, this is not 1937 in Germany, but 2017, and the stakes have NEVER been higher

The German government is investigating a recent surge in fake news, Reuters reports, following claims that Russia is attempting to meddle in the country’s parliamentary elections later this year.

The investigation comes after police in the city of Dortmund were forced to debunk a storypublished on Breitbart over the weekend. The Breitbart article claimed that a “1,000-man mob” chanting “Allahu Akbar” set fire to a church on New Year’s Eve, but police said that no incident occurred. A local newspaper said that Breitbart distorted its original report. Breitbart, which has stood by the article, plans to launch websites in both Germany and France ahead of elections this year.


Stand with Breitbart. Dont’ let the new age Gestapo stop free speech!


Share this story the media does not want you reading

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