Little Marco Betrays Trump days before inaugural with SHOCKING statements in D.C. about ILLEGALS

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Little Marco lost his home state of Florida to Trump. He went on to be humiliated so badly that he dropped out and was not heard from for months.

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So much for the “Republican Savior.”


But now he’s back, and doubling down on liberalism.


First of all, he attacked Rex Tillerson, the new Secretary of State. This is wrong, and shameful.


Now little Marco is out there saying he supports TUITION FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. What about Hardworking Decent Americans like you and me?



Breitbart covered this shocking tale.


Rubio spoke to George Stephanhippopotomus, the Ex-Clinton worker who somehow is now working for the media covering Trump.


He told him he “absolutely” supports tuition deals for illegals. What about hard working Americans?


read it all here:

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