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It looks like Mexico’s economy is crumbling faster than an old chunk of “Queso Blanco,” the famed Mexican cheese.

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The Peso is hitting record lows as more and more companies leave the desert nation to come back to America, or else.


The Mexicans are screaming “Arriba” and are demanding that Trump come to the table.

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Some say they are even entertaining paying for the wall, if it means that they’ll stop losing all this money.



Mexico has been taking advantage of America for far too long. They’ve taken our jobs, and we get drugs and their WORST citizens, like the rapist who killed Kate Steinle.


Yes, the Mexican government giggles as liberals say it’s humanitarian.


How do you think Canada would feel if we sent them all of our unemployed and called them racist for not obeying?


Folks. Economy 101. It’s the economy stupid! Trump has GOT THIS UNDER CONTROL.


Folks, it’s time to demand Mexico pay for that wall.





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