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The MSM may be facing extinction if Trump takes advantage of some legalities that allow the censorship of this outrageous filth they’re calling news.





Well first off, the Fake News Hounds of the MSM are attacking Prntly and other sites for being fake. Why? Why?


Because they’re losing numbers as online properties and Radio Hosts grow in power.


The media gets more biased, and we get more popular since we provide the truth.



The Fake News MSM is obeying Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda. Fun fact, Progressive values and Nazi values shared a lot in common, and come from the same early 20th century intellectual wellspring.


This is fact.


Here’s Goebbels echoing what the media now does:

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The Office of Censorship, an emergency wartime agency, heavily censored reporting during World War II. On December 19, 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 8985, which established the Office of Censorship and conferred on its director the power to censor international communications in “his absolute discretion.” Byron Price was selected as the Director of Censorship. However, censorship was not limited to reporting; postal censorship also took place. “Every letter that crossed international or U.S. territorial borders from December 1941 to August 1945 was subject to being opened and scoured for details.”[8]

In later conflicts the degree to which war reporting was subject to censorship varied, and in some cases it has been alleged that the censorship was as much political as military in purpose. This was particularly true during the Vietnam War and the invasion of Grenada. The executive branch of the federal government attempted to prevent the New York Times from publishing the top-secret Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War, warning that doing so would be considered an act of treason under the Espionage Act of 1917.



Even earlier were the Alien and Sedition acts, that were NEVER ruled as unconstitutional.



The Sedition Act clearly violated individual protections under the first amendment of the Constitution; however, the practice of “JUDICIAL REVIEW,” whereby the Supreme Court considers the constitutionality of laws was not yet well developed. Furthermore, the justices were all strong Federalists. As a result, Madison and Jefferson directed their opposition to the new laws to state legislatures. The Virginia and Kentucky legislatures passed resolutions declaring the federal laws invalid within their states. The bold challenge to the federal government offered by this strong states’ rights position seemed to point toward imminent armed conflict within the United States.



Oh, and Honest Abe? Arrested journalists.


A 1981 reproduction of a Document from U Michigan:


Arbitrary arrests caused few remarkable disorders, no matter how sensational the case or how famous the victim. Clement Vallandigham was the most famous politician in Dayton, Ohio, but his arrest in the night — despite a mysterious shrill whistled signal and three shots the victim fired into the air to alert friends — brought few people even curious to see what was happening. True, a mob the next night set fire to the offices of the local Republican newspaper, and one rioter was shot by a soldier while trying to cut a water hose in use to douse the fire, but the riot was quickly put down without loss of life. There were indignation meetings in most of the major cities of the North following Valiant Val’s arrest, but this was orderly protest organized by politicians with some stake in preserving the system.[7]–lincoln-administration-and-arbitrary-arrests?rgn=main;view=fulltext



And under the FCC, the governing body for broadcast journalism, the board can censor any media outlet it deems as wrong. Usually this is done to prevent live streams of cursing or gratutious nudity or violence, but who is stopping it from blocking critiques?


Is this a good idea? Or is it a government overreach.

A word of warning. If you’re cheering now about Trump sending in soldiers to shut down CNN, remember it could be a liberal sending troops to shut down FOX in 8 years.


Where do YOU stand?

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