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Elizabeth Warren is only regarded as worthy for reelection by less than 45% of her Massachusetts constituents. Meanwhile Republican Governor Barker is loved by nearly 60%.



Could this be why?


Gateway Pundit

Despite this blatant call for violence, Elizabeth Warren has refused to denounce to disavow Madonna’s radical statements.

From Breitbart:

Breitbart News sought comment from Warren with an office visit, in addition to emails and a phone message.

After being given a five-hour window before posting, the senator’s office did not respond.

A survey of Warren’s social media accounts and her official senate office website turned up no condemnation of Madonna’s threat of terrorism against the Executive Mansion.

Madonna reassured everyone that we were all misinformed that she was just speaking “metaphorically”.

REPORT: Elizabeth Warren Refuses To Disavow Madonna’s Desire to ‘Blow Up the White House’

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