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Obama is not taking a break from what he did all the time as President: he is continuing to golf all the time with snobs. Barack Obama is celebrating his first full week outside of the Presidency in a foreign country, and soaking up the sun on foreign golf courses.


Clearly, nothing is new.


Why the President of America, even if he is no longer the President, isn’t in America is shocking.


If he likes warm weather, he could go to the numerous golf courses in sunny Florida, or the exciting rodeos of Texas.


But, like much of his Presidency, Obama appears to not enjoy the people of America.


He spent the weekend in California, which is practically a foreign country, golfing with a bunch of SNOBS:

On Saturday he spent about five hours at Porcupine Creek golf course, the ultra-exclusive course owned by Oracle founder Larry Ellison.

Obama looked relaxed as he and a handful of secret service agents, negotiated the stunning 18-hole private course in several golf carts.

Obama was seen chatting and laughing with his golfing companions on the first day of his vacation and at one point fist bumped another golfer after watching a decent shot.

The world class private course in Rancho Mirage is one of the desert’s best-kept golfing secrets and rests against a mountain backdrop with a stunning rugged landscape.

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