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The far left fringes of the anti-Trump protests have been waving signs calling Trump a “fascist.”


If Trump truly were a totalitarian dictator, there would not be protests.


Most Americans agree that Americans have the right to protest freely and peacefully.


The biggest protest? The vote. And Americans did so in November. They voted for Trump and Republican leaders.


As Clinton said, not accepting the results of an election would be “horrifying.”


Well, Americans are horrified. Very horrified. The far left violence is bordering on its own fascism.


In the 1930s, the Fascists, prior to taking power in Germany, marched and caused bloodshed and mayhem. The colleges were run by Fascist students and Fascist teachers.


Today, teachers in colleges profess a hatred for Trump that borders on hysteria. One professor even assaulted Trump’s daughter Ivanka on a plane in DC.


The students are no better. The most vocal minority, the “Social Justice Warriors,” are being egged on by teachers who profess this new fascism.


The liberals must prepare a series of policies to appeal to the electorate if they ever want to be in power again. If not, the rioters will become more violent and more dangerous as the Republicans continue to grow in power and ability.


The media, are they to blame? Weigh in below.

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