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The 9th circuit court of appeals just ruled on Donald Trump’s Temporary Travel ban, often called “the Muslim ban” by some actors in the media.

What did they say?

Even Trump spoke about it:

First some background about the “dignified” judges:

(LA Times):

A federal appeals court panel reviewing President Trump’s controversial limits on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries appeared inclined Tuesday to rule that two states had the right to challenge the ban.

During a hearing that lasted over an hour, at least two of the three judges on the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals panel expressed skepticism over the Trump administration’s arguments.

The court is considering the government’s appeal of a federal judge’s order temporarily preventing enforcement of the travel ban, which blocks admissions from seven predominantly Muslim countries to help protect against terrorism.

They upheld the repeal.


So what does this mean?

Republicans move to Break up the Court altogether, claiming it irresponsible:

Senate Republicans quickly move to break up 9th “Circus” court of appeals after ruling on Trump


Scandal: 9th Circus Court of Appeals rules against American Security

Meaning no ban.

Americans are OUTRAGED:

Kevin Hanes I just don’t understand how he doesn’t have the authority to enforce a LAW already on the books
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