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President Trump crushed the media opposition today, including the facebook promoted “Day Without Immigrants.”


All day the “top story” of facebook was the day without an immigrant, by CNN.


In fact, the top 10 news articles on Facebook were all from CNN, which is considered by President Trump “fake news.”


Actually, Trump called them “really fake news.”


I digress.


Why is Facebook promoting CNN exclusively? Oh, they also have USAToday, another anti-Trump paper.


You think that people would want a Conservative alternative….


Facebook’s top news stories today were all from CNN, who Trump called “really fake news.”

Glenn Beck exlpains:

Stores and restaurants nationwide remained closed Thursday or sold only limited food and products to show support for immigrants and showcase how migrants are integral in the U.S. economy and everyday life.

And in the nation’s capital, strikers — which are “predominantly immigrant,” according to organizers — plan to march to the White House around noon following a morning gathering of food, music and information about immigrant rights.

Facebook event page for the District protest included a litany of demands from those protesting — and it’s not just about Trump’s immigration policies or temporary travel ban.

The demands include:

  • The removal of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers from Washington, D.C.;
  • Local governments must make up for financial losses from federal funds stripped from so-called “sanctuary cities”;
  • The immediate passage and funding of the Language Access for Education Amendment Act of 2015, which would increase the standards of language access of education and government series for all non-English proficient D.C. residents, according to Councilmember David Grosso at the time;
  • The removal of the undocumented mark from D.C. driver’s licenses;
  • Affirmation that Washington, D.C. will not support the creation of a Muslim registry or surveillance; and
  • Cease “unchecked police violence committed against immigrants, including black people and all people of color.”

The protest demands also include protection for those who participate in Thursday’s event from termination from their jobs.

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But nobody bothered. In fact, according to Tom Cotton (which was fact checked as true,) 1 million green cards aren’t even work related.


If they illegals are protesting by not working, not many people have noticed.



In fact has ANYONE been inconvenienced?



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