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The media is corrupt.


Isn’t that obvious?


I personally despise the mainstream press.


When they’re not engaging in character assassination of Donald Trump, they’re attacking us. By doing so, they’re attacking you.


So what can President Trump do about these crooked fake news farcical festering fish?


He will go over their head.


Politico, another MSM group, used the event to bash Trump (SURPRISE!)


“Join me in Florida this Saturday at 5pm for a rally at the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport!” Trump tweeted from his personal Twitter handle, along with a link for supporters to RSVP.



The return to campaign form, if only for a day, could give a boost to Trump’s presidency. The early stages of his administration have been marred by damaging leaks compounded by withering criticism from the media, massive protests against his policies and Cabinet nominees, an increasing number of potential investigations against him and his allies, and some solitude, as his wife and 10-year-old son have spent most of their time in New York.


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The second paragraph is illustrative.


They are blasting our President because they have no idea what is going on.



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