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Sean Spicer has a tough job, only because the corrupt, dirty, filthy fake news slimeballs make it so.

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We have CNN talking about “possible Trump assassination” fantasies that would have led to a cancellation of FOX had it been aired about Obama.

We have people at NY Times spreading fake tweets from Michael Flynn.

We have clowns calling conservatives “fake” when they said Trump couldn’t win.

Folks, the media is at war with you and me, and everyone in the country who fears God and loves America.

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It’s sickening.

I am projectile vomiting whenever I see a NY Times or Washington Compost Fiction Writer on television.


So, here’s the plan.


Whenever you get an advertisement for any Fake News company on facebook, call them fake news.

Journalists for these dirty papers? Call them “fiction authors.”

Reporters? Call them actors.


They are not doing their jobs. They should be punished. How? Quit going to their websites. Quit reading their papers. They will one day get the message when they’ve been bankrupted.











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