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It looks like it will be easier to sue Mainstream Media Outlets.

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A Georgia Federal Judge ruled against CNN.


From the Hollywood Reporter:

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The lawsuit is Davide Carbone v. Cable News Network.

Carbone was the chief executive of West Palm Beach, Fla.-based St. Mary’s Medical Center until CNN reported in June 2015 that the infant mortality rate for open-heart surgery there was three times the national average. Reporters for Anderson Cooper’s CNN show aggressively covered the death of babies at the hospital and even went to Carbone’s home in an attempt to get comment. Instead, he closed his garage door on them. Later, he was forced to resign. His defamation lawsuit followed.


But the cake isn’t cooked, CNN can counter and keep appealing.


If it is heard before the Supreme Court, CNN will pay a small price, but all media outlets who defame anyone will be liable.


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