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Donald Trump has become one of the most talked about billionaires of our century.   Many of us grew up knowing more about him than we even knew about some of our own family members.  We watched “The Donald”  whenever he went on talk shows, avidly following his historic weddings, divorces and the births of each of his wonderful kids, his financial rise to the pinnacle of success – and his abrupt tumble back down to the bottom of the mountain where he lay  in shock and out of breath, facing bankruptcy.  Then we watched as he clawed his way back up to that pinnacle and stayed there.   Donald Trump has become living proof that when personal disasters of all types appear in our lives, smashing hopes, dreams, our very futures like a clay jug falling onto a rock,  that we can still rise from the rubble like the phoenix and create a new life for ourselves.  He showed us what we can do if we never give up on ourselves.
We saw a regular guy, someone just like us, who instinctively knew what to do to be successful in business while he stumbled through other aspects of life where the path wasn’t so clear.  He made mistakes and owned up to them, he has stayed true to his values, principles and ideals, setting a great example for his generation and endearing himself to the rest of us even more.
Today this great man is now the 45th president of our United States.  His decisions are being fought hard at every turn by career politicians as well as by a media who seem to care more about what’s in it for them rather than what’s in it for American citizens. But because of the things I have learned about him throughout the years,  I believe Donald Trump will stand strong and succeed in spite of any and all opposition.  He will accomplish what he has purposefully set out to do, which is to turn America around and get her back onto her Constitutional legs.  This is why God has chosen him.
How can we help him?
Our job is simple. It’s to make sure President Trump knows we are supportive of what he is working to accomplish on our behalf.    It’s to email, write letters and call our senators, house reps, congressmen.  Hound them day in and day out to listen to our president.  Hound them the same way they have been hounding President Trump, who is taking nothing away from us but is, instead, giving us everything he has so that our children’s and grandchildren’s futures will be bright and the American Dream becomes a fact for American citizens again. .
No man has greater love than a man who lays down his own life for his friends.
Donald Trump has laid down his own life to walk into ours to straighten things out for us.  When he is finished he will then pick up his own life again and walk back into it.  He will leave America far greater than it was when he first took it’s reins.  You can bet on that.

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