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The country is outraged at the democrats after they refused to stand for the President during his speech to congress. The President announced that he would defeat ISIS, and even then the Democrats refused to stand. But worst of all, they wouldn’t or would barely stand for the widow of Ryan Owen’s wife. A few sat outright, and others sat back down briefly after clapping.

The move was to protest the President. But viewers saw it in other ways.

One of the greatest speech in American history

President Trump's legendary speech to Congress.

Posted by Prntly on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Some of the democrats also wore white for the speech.

The country showed in polling after the speech that they disagreed with the disgraceful behavior. 78% of people who watched the speech on CNN, a raging liberal fake news channel, said that the democrats were wrong and the president’s speech was positive and gave them optimism.

The disgraceful dems didn’t even stand when the president said that he would protect law enforcement. If you missed the amazing speech, or want to see it again, watch below.


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Disgraceful Democrats Don’t Stand When Trump Says He’ll Protect Law Enforcement.

Media pundits, polls say that Trump’s speech the greatest to congress of all time.

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