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If last night’s rebuttle to Trump’s masterful speech was any indicator, the Democrats are bankrupt in many ways.

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Rush Limbaugh even explained so on his show this afternoon, and hilariously parodied the joker Beshear.


The Democratic speech in response to Trump’s Joint Congressional meeting stuck many as a blast from the past, specifically “Pepperidge Farms remembers”

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The speech was headlined by Steve Beshear, former Democrat Governor of Kentucky.

But some are saying that it was not only just “Old Fashioned,” but it seemed like a commercial from the 1980’s, specifically Pepperidge Farms.

It’s telling that the Democrats are the old fashioned party. Instead of having quality leaders, they’re relying on names from the past like Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, and now this man Beshear.

Some even say he looked like the “Heavans Gate” founder. Wow

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Who do the Democrats have that are new?


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