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ISIS is falling apart. They lost Al Bab this week and Palmyria again to Russian, US and Syrian forces. Mosul is almost liberated by the Iraqi Army. And their soldiers are running away by the thousands.

These ISIS fighters were captured by Kurdish soldiers in Syria while trying to run away from battle.

Take these ISIS who are trying to escape the massive bombing that President Trump has unleashed on the Islamic State.

ISIS caught by Kurdish YPG/PKK forces while running away from battle in Syria, complain that the bombing now that Trump is president is too much.

Posted by Prntly on Wednesday, March 1, 2017


It’s pretty pathetic. But that’s not all. ISIS has released two videos this week of the heavy air strikes destroying their beloved Caliphate.

Raqqa is getting pulverized by Mad Dog Mattis.

ISIS releases video of massive air strikes on their Capital, Raqqa, this week.

Posted by Prntly on Wednesday, March 1, 2017

it looks like the caliphate didn’t last too long.


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