This post was written by Connor Balough

Hey Zuckerberg, hopefully you’re listening out there. I know that right now the mainstream media has you all riled up about “fake news” and stuff, but there’s something fake on facebook that’s a lot more obvious and easy to decipher than fake news.

There’s an endless supply of fake facebook accounts of beautiful women who always add me, only to try and hack my facebook or get me to click a link to some time of virus or porn. Are ya gonna fix this any time soon? I’m sure you get a lot of these friend requests as well. You have to.

Even as I type this, i just recieved another one.

Not to say I’m an unattractive guy, but I doubt all these women are actually adding me because they happen to think I’m interesting or cute.

So please, get your own house in order first before you start trying to suppress the news.

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