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BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:15 P.M.) – In a disturbing turn of events, a total of six suicide bombings struck positions held by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) yesterday during overnight raids near Deir Ezzor Airbase, a besieged airport in eastern Syria.

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On Monday, Amaq Agency released two pictures suggesting the so-called ‘Caliphate Cubs’, the Islamic State’s notorious child soldier division, were involved in the suicide attacks.

One of the children, likely Ezidi but forced into conscription by the Islamic State and subsequently indoctrinated, originated from the Sinjar area in western Iraq. The other kid was from Aleppo, the Islamic State outlet claimed.

Despite the large-scale jihadist offensive in Deir Ezzor, the SAA managed to hold its ground around the strategic airport. Amaq also claimed 28 SAA died due to the offensive, while a military source close to Al-Masdar News said at least 25 ISIS combattants were killed.

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