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The 87 year old Hungarian American socialist billionaire who has spent millions to agitate civil unrest throughout the United States has admitted that he helped his mother commit suicide in a speech that was supposed to be private, in 1994. It was after the launching of his organization ‘Project Death.’ Here’s what he said about the project in the speech:

“I am somewhat embarrassed giving this speech because I am not an expert on dying. Many people connected with my Project on Death in America are much more qualified to talk about dying than I am. But there seems to be a kind of strange attraction on the part of professionals and academics to hear from men of the world like myself — businessmen, the doers, the actors on the public stage.”

The project was created for Americans to begin embracing death. Meanwhile, George Soros is rumored throughout the web  to be spending millions to preserve his life indefinitely through organ transplants.

George Soros was adamantly opposed to Donald Trump becoming President. See what he said in this interview below.

His networth is at $2.2 billion, however after President Trump’s election the market shifts caused Soros to lose $1 billion.

He is George Soros talking about how Americans need to accept death .


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