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The notorious German con artist Benjamin Holt is apparently on his way back to Thailand even though he was banned for scamming generous Thais out of over $1000.

Suffering from a congenital ailment called macrodystrophia lipomatosa which leaves him with a swollen left leg, Holst previously used his condition to beg for money on the streets of Bangkok and Pattaya.

A picture of Benjamin while in Pattaya

Claiming he also lost his passport and pocket money, Holst earned the sympathy of a local German foundation and was given money amounting to 50,000 Thai baht for his board and plane ticket home.

Instead of using the money properly, however, Holst disappeared from Bangkok and later showed up in Pattaya where he wasted the money on bar girls and booze.

Aside from the photographic evidence, local drivers said Holst gave them pocket money and instructed them to fetch him prostitutes and alcohol.

Thai authorities detained and deported Holst shortly afterwards.

A facebook post showing his plan to reenter Thailand


A fellow German who still lives in Thailand named Alfred Hoeld and who brags often about also spending money on Thai prostitutes, suggests on Benjamin’s facebook that he should fly to Laos and then sneak across the border and enter Thailand illegally.


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