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Mrs. Murphy's Story

This video will make you outraged. We deserve so much better from City of Albany – Mayor Kathy Sheehan. The treatment Tampa Avenue homeowner Mrs. Murphy endured at the hands of Mayor Sheehan's then-Chief of Staff Matthew Peter is deplorable. Mr. Peter has since received a $40,000 promotion from the Mayor to Executive Director of the Albany Parking Authority.

Posted by Frank Commisso Jr. on Monday, April 10, 2017

The chief of staff for the mayor of the city of Albany, a liberal activist named Matthew Peters, told an elderly resident who called in about her street never being paved that she’ll be dead by the time her street is paved. He then laughed at her and hung up the phone. The Tampa Avenue home owner, Mrs. Murphy of Albany, New York called the city about the issue of her city street. What she got in response is shocking. The current Mayor is a Hillary Clinton Democrat named Kathy Sheehan. The video was posted to the facebook of her primary challenger, lifetime resident of the city Frank Commisso Jr.

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