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Adolf Hitler, National Socialist and leader of Nazi Germany, has some lessons we should listen to or else we become doomed to repeat.

The Austrian German spent most of his life before entering politics pretty destitute and nomadic. He couldnt keep a steady job, and embraced in a life of art trying to be an Artist, even though his paintings were subpar. Even though this resulted in him having no money for most of his life, he refused to take a real job or work hard at anything the average German had to do, instead resenting that his failing career choice could not provide for him.

Before entering politics as a career politician, he attempted the radical socialist path of protest and violent “socialist revolution” through the failed beer hall pusch where he attempted to get a bunch of drunken German soldiers to rebel against the government and establish socialist utopia. When this failed he became a politician.

He railed against the wealthy, and in particular the jews who were the most successful demographic. He complained and used terms like “not giving their fair share” and “selling out the country for profits and greed.” He turned millions of socialists into hate mongers. When he was President, he oversaw one of the largest government infrastructure rebuilding programs in the world, rivaling only that of socialist Franklin Roosevelt. He had the government employ millions of Germans to build roads, tunnels, housing for the poor and other civic works.

He even went so far as to say “we are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system.”

Hostility towards the business community became so onerous under Hitler that one German businessman wrote: “These Nazi radicals think of nothing except ‘distributing the wealth,’” while some businessmen were “studying Marxist theories, so that they will have a better understanding of the present economic system.”

The anti-business motives behind the Nationalist Socialists has been attributed to the Hitler’s aim “to soak the rich and ‘neutralize big spenders,’” since they harbored “hostility towards the wealthy.”

Hitler banned smoking in public places, and established government health insurance plans for the masses. He also ironically passed some of the world’s most progressive animal rights laws.

Of course when the rich were looted and soaked away throughout the thirties, the Germans had to look elsewhere for wealth to loot for their socialism. They invaded and looted almost all of Europe, and when that wasn’t enough Russia. It failed for Germany and cost the lives of millions of Germans swept up in the romance of socialism. And for Hitler, he committed suicide.

Does an politician like the early portion of this sound familiar?

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