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Backfiring on liberal facebook, the fake news report button has caused conservatives to label CNN stories as fake news, with rumors online swirling of cnn stories ceasing to show up on newsfeeds as a result.

Facebook had started pinning a “disputed” tag on fake news in March, as it promised it would back in December, as part of its “we’re going to fight fake news but there’s only so much we can do” campaign.

Liberals complained though that simply calling a story “disputed” wasn’t enough, with liberal blog Recode saying this:


“Here’s a made-up story by “The Seattle Tribune” asserting that “Trump’s Android Device Believed To Be Source Of Recent White House Leaks.”

If this one shows up in your feed, it will be accompanied with a warning label, along with links to fact-checking sites explaining why it’s not true. Of course, Facebook being Facebook, Facebook won’t say it’s “not true” — just that it’s “disputed.”

So that’s good, right? Right. It is good for Facebook to tell its 1.9 billion users that some of the stories they may see on Facebook are bogus. It may prevent some of them from going to a pizza place and firing their rifle.  But Facebook’s “disputed” tag also shows how gingerly the company is approaching this stuff.”


While CNN has notoriously put out fake news time and time again, it being an establishment news organization gets a slide from fake news critics, who when the media outlet reports fake news is excused for being “incorrect.”

This is what led conservatives to flag CNN articles. It’s unclear what Facebook will do in response, but knowing that Zuckerberg is a globalist liberal, the company will likely make it so that CNN is immune to flaggings.


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