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An Iranian living in Austria who cannot go back to his country because he had an anti-muslim facebook page criticising the iranian dictatorship had his facebook account taken town for “Sexually explicit” posts. The posts in question? The world Islam with a big cross over it.

Mr. Pejman Mohammed is an anti-Islam activist who thought the power of the internet could be used to raise awareness about the evils of islam.

Apparently not when his account was disabled and he was given the following message:

The message reads:

“When you joined Facebook, you agreed to follow the Facebook Community Standards. Your account has been disabled for not following these standards.

Some examples of actions that aren’t allowed on Facebook include:

Uploading sexually explicit photos

Sharing content that contains sexually explicit language

Engaging in sexual solicitation.

Here are a few of the pictures on your account:

The facebook notification then proceeds to show Pejman a number of anti-muslim photos he had posted.

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