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Who is Prntly?

Prntly is focused on bringing you the news from untraditional sources, ie: social media, twitter, emails, and on the ground reporting in Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Florida.

We’re based out of Denver Colorado.

Prntly was founded by 2013 Albany Mayoral Candidate Alexander Portelli. The mission statement of Prntly is to provide a small government focused media alternative to the mainstream media. Portelli enjoys seeing the world on his free time.


The chief Editorial columnist, Adam D Brown, is an Libertarian African American from New Jersey. His works are found on Prntly, his personal home page, and syndicated throughout the “blogosphere.” Brown  has been featured in the New York Times as a “mover and shaker” in the social media world.

Dmitri Voltova, Colorado, opinion analyst.

Conner Dunleavy, Albany NY, digital politics intern.

Raquel Okyay, of Tampa, brings Libertarian thought and knowledge to the forefront.


In addition, we have several authors who write freelance pieces. We typically ensure that such pieces are factual and relevant. If they aren’t, please contact us at


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I saw in the Washington Post/Red State/Snopes that you’re “FAKE NEWS”

One simply needs to visit WikiLeaks, Breitbart, or any other website to see why the previous websites love to bash us. We tell the story the Corporate Media does NOT want you to hear about.


No. There is no comedy here aside from the fact that some people do not like the news we cover. We do occassionally write a comedy piece, but those are clearly marked and differentiated from our news.



Mail us at to share why you believe this. If our expert, blue panel, award winning Truth Seekers find you’re right, we will apologize to you directly! Don’t be shy!


What are the ads for?

We’ll be honest. Prntly is not free. We have 2 full time staff members working around the clock, with 5 volunteers to keep the truth alive in a dark media world. We make money for sponsoring like minded, conservative, and relevant companies. Our servers alone are extremely expensive to maintain based on the large amounts of video, images, and traffic.


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