Scary: A Public University now offers new course preaching HATE towards White People, taxpayers furious Canada goose outletceline outlet cheap celine bags A Wisconsin College is putting out a new course, and it’s not anything remotely educational. “The Problem of Whiteness” is a new course being offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2017. According to the online overview of the course objectives, students […]

VOTE NOW: Should California be allowed to secede from the Union? Official Poll

canada goose outlet www.rooshooters.comceline outlet cheap celine bags Liberals are demanding California leave the United States because they do not like President Trump.Some Conservatives are now agreeing, thinking California should go away and not be involved with America anymore.  What do you think?Vote, share, and comment in our poll below.  Results are […]

WATCH: Trump calls creepy Utah Candidate Evan McMuffin in Orlando, liberals furious

Trump just humiliated Evan McMullin, who is known as “Creepy McMuffin” in his widely attended rally in Orlando, causing agony for the creepy CIA agent. Watch, laugh, and be merry with pleasures. The crowd at Trump’s #ThankYouTour has a new name for @Evan_McMullin… Evan McMUFFIN! LOL! ?#TrumpInOrlando — […]

Trump may have won the popular vote after all: Stein Michigan recount exposes evidence of vote Fraud

Voters are now wondering if Donald Trump won the popular vote, after the Stein recount shows massive irregularities in Michigan that benefited Hillary.   Reports obtained by the newspaper from Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett found that in 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, more votes had been counted than the number […]