Access Denied: CNN Requests Press Passes For Deploraball. MAGA3X Organizers Reject Request.

VIDEO: President Elect Donald J. Trump Full Press Conference From Trump Tower 1/22/17


Breaking: Merkel Caves to pressure from German people, calls for full Burqa Ban

Berlin – With her Christian Democratic party’s polls falling in popularity to the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently called for a full ban on the Islamic body covering known as the Burqa. This represents an about face in terms of the German Chancellor’s attitude […]

World of Buisness: Trump will get more votes.

In the world of Business, different communication styles are recognized by our personality types. The more we understand our own communication style the better we can communicate with others without always leading into an argument. Remember we may be dominant in one communication style, but we can change our style depending […]