VIDEO: President Elect Donald J. Trump Full Press Conference From Trump Tower 1/22/17


Venezuela: Private schools and universities close due to economic crisis

Venezuela’s economic crisis has hit all sectors of the country and this time the victim is education: Several private schools around the country will cease to exist as parents find it impossible to pay for tuition. The rise in operation costs, as well as the raise to minimum wages, has […]

Hugo Chavez’s Legacy: Newborn babies sleeping in used cardboard boxes

The picture of 6 babies sleeping in old cardboard boxes caused an uproar in social networks and national and international media since September 20th. According to Manuel Ferreira, one of the spokesperson of Voluntad Popular, one of the opposition political parties in Anzoategui State, Venezuela, the picture was taken at […]

Socialism of the XXI Century: Bakeries face fines if they have lines of clients waiting for bread

In a new display of complete idiocy, Venezuelan officials have declared that bakeries that have long lines of clients waiting for bread will be fined. The National Superintendent for the Defense of Socio-Economic Rights, better known as National Superintendent of Fair Prices (in Venezuela, SUNDDE, and yes, that IS a […]

Amid Collapse, Venezuelan President Doubles Minimum Wage

  In a demonstration of a complete disregard for the hardships that Venezuelans experience day in and day out, last Friday on August 12th Nicolas Maduro, current President of Venezuela, ordered another raise of the minimum wages and of the food allowance, making this the third time that minimum salary […]