Bloomberg Kicks Off “Day One” Of His Run For President To Near Empty Texas Restaurant

Not even 50 people showed up to Bloomberg’s kickoff event for President in Texas. Michael Bloomberg, the Democrat turned Republican turned Independent turned Democrat started his campaign officially in San Antonio, Texas.

The billionaire held his first event in a San Antonio venue called Viva Villa Restaurant. The gathering had been hyped up by the campaign for some time, and the Bloomberg team publicized the event to supporters. There was one problem though. Almost nobody showed up.

The venue ended up having an audience of less than 50 people. 45 in total according to reporters at the event. Not the showing a candidate running for president wants to have as their grand day one event.

The Washington Examiner was the first newspaper to point out the dismal numbers for the former Mayor, calling it a small gathering. Other media outlets have opted to ignore the turnout.

Even more troubling for the campaign, Bloomberg brought in high profile supporter Judge Judy to help drum up an audience, and this failed. 

“When I’m in the Oval Office, no more tweeting,” Bloomberg promised the gathering.

“Actually I can’t spell very well,” he admitted. “So that’s relatively easy to do.”

He then went on the offensive against President Trump.

“We are here to win this election and I am running to defeat Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said. “We’re going to finally turn Texas blue.”

The small following applauded the announcement.

Bloomberg has chosen many unconventional pages out of the campaign playbook.

He jumped in late as the Democratic Primary has begun winding down in prep for the primaries. He is also choosing to altogether skip the first couple primaries that are seen as essential for a candidate for president.

The billionaire is estimated to be worth over $50 billion. In the seven weeks since he announced his campaign, he’s guessed to have burned through $200,000,000 of it.

At the event in Texas, Bloomberg promised to be soft of illegal immigration, tough on gun rights, and expand big government for health care.

“When the law was written, the internet and gun shows didn’t exist, and so the (current) law doesn’t apply to them. That’s the only thing that we need changed,” he said.

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