Doom (1993) Review

At Doom’s gate
Doom (1993)

Where the hell do you begin with this amazing legendary game? Besides mars.

Do you want history well Tom Hall wanted as well but he did not get his wishes completely granted a shame really but the basic outline is you’re doom guy a dude who was lucky to be send to mars on the worst day ever, because he met his professional calling kick demon ass, now you have to fight against the hordes of hell and prove why you’re basically walking doomsday machine for them, even your fist will destroy the hordes of hell.

Everybody who played doom will tell you how well everything flows when you’re in a room trap with pinkies and shotgunners trying to destroy you, unlucky for them your trusty shotgun will oblitare them. The enemies patrons are always something that you need to learn and doom on ultra-violence will teach you right away, I will tell you the only way to finish doom is on ultra-violence or nightmare even after many playthroughs I cannot call myself an expert because nightmare is basically hell incarnate I’ll salute anyone who finish this game on Nightmare is not an impossible task but I’ll try later this year. I’ll upload videos of it.

Well again the selections of weapons are always important I mean it all of the weapons feel like they belong in a situation or are valid choices against the fight of the hordes of evil. They feel just right. Even if the original first doom game does not have super shotgun (one of the best weapon in any old fps rank really high up there) it has the shotgun, the bfg, the plasma rifle, the chaingun, the rocket launcher, the chainsaw, the pistol and the most important weapon of all time your first on a berserk pack to rip and tear against everything that moves.

The music which is just amazing metal riffs on midi, are always pumping you up with the adrenaline that you liked for the scenarios that this game will put you through. Admittedly some of my playthroughs I just play 80s and 90s metal on it or hell even play just metal on it it will feel amazing, play King diamond on it or after the burial or Pantera or Mercyful fate or Iron maiden. Just enjoy the atmosphere of visceral action and demon hordes

Is a metallic 10/10

Best metal cover for a vídeo game


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