Robber released in New York 4 times in 2 weeks under Cuomo’s Bail Reform pulls off 5th robbery

He’s laughing all the way to the bank. That’s because for robber and fugitive Gerod Woodbury, every time he robs a bank, he gets released under New York State’s new bail reform law.

He started his latest crime spree on December 30th. Instead of using a gun though, he realized that he can use a note. This makes it a non violent offense, and no matter how many times he does it, no jail or prison in New York is allowed to hold him. He can do it as much as he wants.

So after Gerod’s 4th alleged bank job job and release, he went out and robbed another bank in New York City.

Under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s bail reform law that went into effect January 1st, 2020, no judge can set bail for most non violent offenses. Felonies or otherwise. Gerod could hypothetically keep committing the crimes, and keep getting released over and over again, so long as nobody is hurt.

New York City police have said that they’re back on the hunt for him, and will arrest him again for his 5th offense.

Even Woodbury knows that the new law is bonkers.

“I can’t believe they let me out,” Woodberry marveled as he retrieved his vouchered property at One Police Plaza in lower Manhattan, sources told The Post. “What were they thinking?”

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