Latest Milennial Pollings: 66% Unaware of Auschwitz, 70% support Socialism

Latest polling doesn’t look good for milennials. A sleuth of polls surfing the web have milennials as what some could call the braindeadest generation.

70% of Milennials say they would support a socialist candidate for president of the United States. This would make sense, after a video released today exposing a bernie campaign staffer talking about putting Trump supporters in gulags and reeducation camps.

Milennials have struggled in the past to identify the definitions of socialism, but candidates for president in recent years like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have brought socialism front and center in politics. The idea of free healthcare, college, and almost every other commodity has appealed to the younger audience.

The second shocking poll done has revealed that 66% of milennials also don’t know what Auschwitz was. The Nazi Concentration Camp was notorious during the war. Over a million jewish prisoners were exterminated in the camp. Some numbers put the victim death toll at 1.5 million.

Auschwitz was used by the nazis as a facility to kill jews throughout Europe in fast and efficient time. It was part of the Nazi effort to ethnically cleanse european countries.

The poll asked US millenials if they could identify what Auschwitz was. Only 44% correctly could.

This is according to The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

The study goes on to show different levels of ignorance by mainstream Americans and specifically millennials as to details about the holocaust or what the holocaust even was.

The article can be found here


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