Yang Was The 4th Most Tweeted About Presidential Candidate Durning The Democratic Debate.

According to TwitterGov and after being denied a spot for the 7th Democratic Debates on Tuesday, Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang still managed to grab 4th place for the “Most Tweeted” about Presidential Candidate on twitter that night.

Despite staying mostly quiet on twitter During the debates, Yang still managed to stay ahead of Presidential Candidates Pete Buttigie, and Amy Klobuchar.

Yang stated to his twitter followers on Wednesday,

“Missing a debate has destroyed other campaigns. It fuels ours. That’s the #YangGang. We do it ourselves.”

“That’s the last debate I’ll miss.”

“I’ll suspend my campaign after we win.”

On Monday, Andrew Yang in spite of not making the debates also held a Town Hall at the same University they Democratic Debates were being held.


One thought on “Yang Was The 4th Most Tweeted About Presidential Candidate Durning The Democratic Debate.

  1. Back in ‘76, my pops was singing the ballad—“Donna, Donna,”—every night, not knowing when he would see his mom and my mom, again. Him and his crew suffered beatings, starvation, and humiliation every day. All they wanted to do was fight for freedom.

    The freedom to dream, again.

    It’s 2020. Why are our young, disabled, and elderly still suffering and committing suicide?

    Andrew Yang is fighting for people’s right. He is fighting for all the calves led astray and Donna Donnas trapped in a violent disarrays.

    And the sad reality? We have become so numb to suffering, we have forgotten our humanity.

    $12,000 in a forever trust fund like a UBI/Freedom Dividend would be a game changer. Maybe people would be more open and accepting and empathetic if they weren’t so triggered to compete to simply survive and “thrive.”

    Maybe we will finally finish the third round of the Civil Rights Movements, at least enough for the next generation of passionate, raw, and genuine normal people to achieve their dreams without dampening anyone else.


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