Andrew Yang Wants To Create A Department Of Technology To Help Regulate Future A.I. and Tech.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang has rolled out some serious proposals when it comes to policy.

One of these policies is a bi partisan issue that many turn a blind eye on.

These widespread “tech” issues need resolve and order, but nobody seems to have an answer for them, nor have they presented any possible solution to curb automation, A.I., and possibly dangerous tech that threatens the livelihood of our future economy, job growth and health.

Yang presents some very well thought out ideas, that could present a possible solution.

In Yang’s “DOT” policy he states:

Americans have seen the negative impact of technology on their lives. From automation that is displacing their jobs to smart phones that are causing unknown psychological issues for our children, Americans are worried about the future, and need to be able to trust the government to play a role in ensuring that we’re prosperous and innovative, but also safe.

Read the Full Policy Proposal Here


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