Rumor: According to Kotaku, there will be pc port Horizon Zero Dawn

Grab this with a huge grain of salt
According to the sources of Jason Schreier, The Ps4 game Horizon Zero dawn will be ported to PC. According to Kotaku three inside people that are familiar with Sony’s plan, all of them speaking anonymously.

So the game will be ported to pc without the restrictions of the Ps4, without the 30 seconds per frame lock and many of the limitations of the Ps4 we will be playing an uncap game.

We currently don’t know if the game will be on the storefronts of steam or epic (even though is highly likely).

So there will be a second game (the first one being Death stranding) running the Guerrilla’s Decima engine on the pc. Hopefully, we will get a public announcement later this year



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