Petition to impeach Romney goes viral as his polls sink for his conduct on Impeachment

Mitt Romney’s poll numbers have hit all time lows in his home state of Utah, where the Mormon was seen as well loved.

Well, he isn’t anymore.

He’s lost the support of over 15% of REPUBLICANS after moving to help Democrats out on Impeachment.

Now the people are demanding he be impeached.

The Petition:

In the five months Mitt Romney has been Senator, he has done nothing to better Utah nor has he represented our good state. He has attacked President Trump time and time again, who has become our most Conservative President in history. Voting against a Conservative Judge, voting for the wall and then for the Democrat resolution along with his personal attack as his first move as our Senator are not what we want. He claims to be Conservative and Republican, but his actions have spoken louder than his false words. He is a danger to Republicans and we cannot have him and his personal hatred of Donald Trump overshadow what he needs to do: represent us! He must resign, he is not fit to be our Representative

Impeach Mitt Romney

We the people demand Mitt Romney be impeached!

**your signature**

12,192 signatures

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8 thoughts on “Petition to impeach Romney goes viral as his polls sink for his conduct on Impeachment

  1. I’m not a Mormon and I don’t agree with their theology, but every Mormon I have ever met has been a model of ethics, genuinely first class human beings. I even voted for Romney when he ran for president. He has destroyed the image of Mormonism in my mind. I’m extremely disappointed. He supports everything Liberals do and is against basic human values. Completely opposite what I expected.

  2. I voted for Romney for President, I believed him to be an honest man, but i guess his revenge toward President Trump means more to him than his constituents. What a shame that he has betrayed the American people.

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