Democrats Rush To Defend Coronavirus after Trump criticizes it

Democrats rushed to defend the Coronavirus today after seeing President Donald Trump criticize the virus.

The democrats were quick to call the President a racist, bigot, and anti immigrant.

“coronaviruses everywhere just want to come to the US for a better life. It’s wrong to try and deny them that right.” Said Elizabeth Warren.

” we need to stop being distracted by the Coronavirus and focus on the real problem. And right now that problem is Donald Trump!” Said Bernie.

The coronavirus has been found trying to enter the country illegally in a multitude of ways, from crossing the southern border with Mexico to sneaking in through airports. Those caught with the coronavirus are detained in hospitals for observation. Some of them children.

“We should not be detaining coronavirus infected children alone in hospitals, where the conditions are not suitable for kids. These coronakids are seperated from their parents, which is wrong and shameful. We should be detaining their parents too so that no family can be seperated.” Said Bernie Sanders.

He continued, “if this was soviet russia, they would NEVER throw an innocent child into a gulag without throwing their entire family in with them as well.”


One thought on “Democrats Rush To Defend Coronavirus after Trump criticizes it

  1. As Ben Franklin said “we are all born ignorant but one must work to remain stupid “. And this is the best democrats can do what idiots

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