4chan user finds evidence of China burning 13,000 bodies outside Wuhan

A 4chan user may have made the most amazing discover of the internet. Using different techology measuring co2 emissions throughout the world, he calculated a grisly discovery; China is burning thousands of bodies.

This week, Wuhan residents posted photos online of a thick smog. They feared that the smog was from mass burning of bodies of infected.

Photos of the smog
Smog and smoke was unnatural, coming from outside the quarantined city

Other videos uploaded online have shown soldiers and police with loaded firearms throughout the city


And recently, news reports have been released of cremetoriums admitting to working overtime burning many more bodies than the Chinese Govt has said died from the virus.


Now here’s where it gets startling. The user used windy.com to track Co2 emissions in the air. On the night following all these reports, and right before the massive smoke and cloud plume, there was an unnaturally high output of co2 emissions from a field outside Wuhan. The 4chan user calculated it to be about 1.3-1.5,000g of Co2 output. There was nowhere else on the PLANET putting out this much co2. Such output would require a very large amount of biomass. The average human body puts out about 113g of co2 when burned. This means it would take about 13,968 bodies to produce this kind of co2 emission. That’s around the same number whistleblowers in China have said is the real body count of infected.

China has claimed publicly meanwhile that the true death toll from coronavirus is less than 1000.


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