Drug dealers are lacing xanax with fentynyl, and it’s killing people left and right

There’s no honor among drug dealers. And now, some have taken to practice a deadly dance with death as they peddle their wares. Dealers have begun lacing blackmarket xanax with the heroin mock drug fentynyl. It is killing a lot of people as a result.

One girl in Colorado who was a student at Boulder University was particularly unlucky. Madeline Globe was attending Boulder University when she took a xanax pill, used both as an anti anxiety drug and now often as a party drug. The dealer she bought it from dosed it with fentynyl.

She went to bed and never woke up sadly.

“A $5 fake pill took our daughter’s life,” her father Alden said to media. Now they want to raise awareness about the issue.

Last year, over 70,000 people died from the opioid epidemic. It is projected to kill even more this year.

“She had no idea that this pill was going to end her life,” her mom, Susan Globe,said.

“It stops your breathing,” Alden continued. “It relaxes you so much, you stop breathing and you suffocate to death.”

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