Lyin, Dog Faced Pony Soldier Demands Apology For Crazy Joe’s Choice In Words

A Lyin, dog faced pony soldier has come out demanding an apology for crazy joe biden’s use of the term to criticize a woman in New Hampshire. A young woman asked Biden a question about his performance in Iowa, or lack thereof.

In response, Joe Biden replied by calling her a “lyin, dog faced, pony soldier.” The woman was taken a back and didn’t know how to respond. Biden then went on to mumble.

Well, now a lyin, dog faced pony soldier has come out to criticize the poor choice in words. “Crazy Joe used the term in a derogatory manner. It was insensitive and uncalled for. Dog faced pony soldiers have done a lot for this country.” Said Sergeant Daisy Droopface, a real life Dog faced pony soldier.

The Lyin’ dog faced pony soldier went on to say that he would be switching his vote to Vermin Supreme, who has for years supported both ponies and veterans.


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