Bernie’s healthcare plan would cost $70 trillion annually

Senator Bernie Sanders, the communist turned socialist turned democratic socialist from Vermont, wants universal healthcare. And he wants it to replace private insurance nationwide. But how he would pay for it and how much it would cost has been a question that’s raged for the last 4 years. Now, the costs for such a plan have come out: $70 trillion. That’s right, $70, trillion. Annually. All of the nations billionaires aren’t worth $1 trillion.

So how is going to pay for such a plan? You guessed it; the middle class. Like every plan the Democrats have for expanding government. The middle class would see their taxes raised drastically to pay for universal healthcare. Some as much as 20-30% more on average.

CNN said 3 week ago that a plan like Bernie’s would come at the tune of $60 trillion, but that number has since been refuted as too low based on new calculations. You can see even liberal CNN’s analysis of the plan though.

2 thoughts on “Bernie’s healthcare plan would cost $70 trillion annually

  1. You are all some bold faced liars.
    The plan would cost $32 over 10 years, which is a savings over the current system
    Sad, when all you can do is lie to make your position sound good.

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