Trump declares “Common Core is dead” as he bans it nationwide

President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises from 2016, one step at a time. Now he has common core on his plate, and ordered Betsy Devos, the Education Secretary, to ban common core forever.

 “I agree—and have always agreed—with President Trump on this: Common Core is a disaster,” DeVos said in recent remarks at the American Enterprise Institute.

“And at the U.S. Department of Education, Common Core isdead,” DeVos added.

“It’s about educational freedom,” she said, expressing support for school choice. Opponents of school choice could repeal every state and local school choice measure, but it “wouldn’t go away,” she said. “There would still be school choices … for the affluent and the powerful.”

DeVos said the “federal first” approach did not start with the federal No Child Left Behind law under President George W. Bush and noted how the federal government created the Department of Education under President Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s. She said federal mandates “distort” what the education system should be, which is “a trusting relationship between teacher, parent, and student.”


7 thoughts on “Trump declares “Common Core is dead” as he bans it nationwide

  1. Common core was part of Obama’s fundamental transformation of our country. To change the mindset of America he had to control the curriculum.
    Ban common core now!

  2. My girls learned much more without it. I taught it and it was a waste of valuable time. Many important things got left out.

    1. Linda, exactly. Obama added his Race to the Top program and it boon the already Common Core in place. They taught their indoctrination and their racism. Teaching the children that they lived in a racist system. Not teaching the students to use their own mind but brainwashed them. From what I understand it was a choice by the teacher to use it and they had to be trained to use the indoctrination. Not surprisingly, the system failed as it actually set students back on their testing when they should have been flying forward. Thank the Lord we have this great President of ours who is protecting the law abiding US Citizens loyal only to the Constitution.

  3. Only if this was true! They just renamed it. Alabama has not changed their standards from Obama era. DON’T BE FOOLED, WE STILL HAVE COMMON CORE.

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