Hillary Says She’s Excited To Be Bloomberg’s VP

Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg sat side by side Monday (though bloomberg sat on a booster seat) where Hilldog announced that she’s elated to be Michael’s running mate.

“I’m so thrilled to have another opportunity at being the president…. er um I mean the vice president.” She said to the reporters and audience attending the restaurant event.

After stopping to confiscate a reporter’s extra large soda, Bloomberg spoke too. “Choosing a powerful female Democrat who embodied females in politics will help to put to rest stories on my decades of womanizing. See, I’m very respectful of gender equality!” Bloomberg yelled desperately, then asking “does anybody want $100? You have to write positively about me!”

Hillary then wrapped up the conference, offering her condolences for Mike’s future suicide, and the two of them left the event before they would have to answer any questions.

This is obviously satire.


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