The BLOOMBERG FOR PRESIDENT Fb group is a ton of shills in random countries

The bloomberg for President facebook group looks impressive at first glance. It has way more members than one would expect. And they are enthusiastic. In fact they’re so excited about Mike, they all say almost the same thing. And they are all in some pretty strange locations.

The group boasts 30,000 members, a strong base for a candidate who polled at 0 months ago. But looking closer, you find that it’s not all that it seems. The first thing that strikes as odd is the location of the bloomberg supporters.

This is common in the group

The very first post is of a strange man from Bangladesh, who lives in Bangladesh, and joins the group to say he is a Bloomberg supporter. Md Nurujjaman says “i feel proud i am bloomberg suppoter are you” in very bad English. Others from foreign countries chime in as well. Amanat Khan replies “Great man he is the best 2020.” The comments get even weirder from there.

Others post bizarre pro Bloomberg memes that are kind of tongue in cheek. On the facebook page of one meme poster, he’s almost sarcastic about the memes he’s dishing out for Bloomberg.

It would make sense that out of a nowhere some zoomers would be posting memes about Bloomberg; it was recently reported that Bloomberg contracted with a firm to pay instagramers $150 to post nice things about him.

The group goes on like this pretty much endlessly. There’s new zealanders who have never been to America posting about Bloomberg’s federal budget plans, or pakistanis posting about his gun control policies. None of it makes sense. And they all post the same sentences, that go along the lines of “Bloomberg can beat Trump,” or “Mike can get it done.” It begins to sound very rehearsed. Time will tell if it truly is a mass Bloomberg movement we don’t know about, or if it’s just smoke and mirrors.

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