Coronavirus has all the charactistics of a supervirus meant to cripple economies

The Coronavirus continues to spread, and it seems now that containing it is not an option. There’s a number of reasons for this. The virus has a long incubation period. It’s being found out now that many people can go infected without even realizing it for a number of days or weeks. The virus also seems to stay with people or come back even after someone has been infected. Because of this, people an walk around infecting others without even realizing it for weeks.

The other problem is that it is apparently highly contagious. It doesn’t take much contact to get someone infected. People are becoming sick in places where they don’t even have a record of coming in contact with an infected.

It’s been speculated that the Coronavirus was created at a lab in Wuhan. Ironically, China’s only biological research lab for handling weaponized viruses is in Wuhan, China. Recently a professor from the United States who specializes is viral research was charged by the federal government with lying about his work at the laboratory. All signs point to a fact that says the virus was man made.

It’s also been exposed in media that the lab there in Wuhan has gotten in trouble before for selling animals that had been experimented on to local markets. An illegal way to make extra cash. Regardless if this is the cause of the outbreak or not, this shows the security lapses at the facility.

The virus will not cause mass death. But it will cause mass economic hardship. Putting large numbers of people out of work will have crippling effects on the economy. And this may have been the intended effect all along.


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