Texas medical Company First In WORLD to complete Coronavirus vaccine

A company in Houston, Texas has completed the first Coronavirus vaccine. Greffex Pharmaceuticals develops a wide variety of vaccines and medicine. They used proven techniques to create a vaccine they believe should work against the virus.

For the sake of safety though, they did not live pathogens of the virus. Instead, they used what’s called an adenovirus to create it it. Adenovirsuses cause between 2-5% of common colds. They’re commonly used to create vaccines of other viruses, due to their genetic makeup.

“The trick in making a vaccine is can you scale the vaccine that you’ve made to be able to make a certain number of doses, can you test that vaccine quickly and efficiently and then can you get it into patients,” greffex CEO John Price told local news reporters in an interview.

The company hopes to have the vaccine available as possible.


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