Bernie Exposed As Deadbeat Dad Who Never Paid Child Support

Bernie Sanders is already known as having been a loser for his entire life. For the first 40 years of his existence he drifted around, sleeping on people’s couches and eating their food while he espoused his revolution. He would get evicted and rant against the ruling class as the reason for it. And in 1968, he had a child, Levi Sanders, with his then girlfriend and fellow hippy partner.

Afterwards, he abandoned his girlfriend and baby to hit the road with a tattered copy of the communist manifesto, and ran for office multiple times as socialist. He preached about the rich paying their fair share. But he wasn’t paying his fair share to his baby’s mother.

Then in 1971, a bill was put before the Vermont House on whether landlords could refuse to rent to single mothers on welfare. A woman named Susan Mott testified to the house committee. She said that she was a single mother on welfare with a child who’s father had refused to pay child support for. That father was Bernie Sanders.


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