Developing: Bloomberg considers dropping out tomorrow to “stop Bernie”

It’s a bombshell shaking Washington, and America. Michael Bloomberg spent $550,000,000 and won few votes. He spent $11,000,000 in Mass and lost to Biden who spent $0.

He forked over money in Mormon Utah, and the Mormons laughed, and chose a socialist Vermont Senator instead.

He piled up cash in Tennessee and saw his chances fade away like a country music star.

So now what?

Well, insiders have told Political that the tiny mayor may drop out, just like the other tiny mayor who resigned: Buttigeig.

His team tried to project positivity throughout the night, even as discussions about his unlikely future in the race were underway. Music blared throughout the night, signs bearing his name were plastered throughout the ballroom and spreads of finger food and wine were flowing.

But even his campaign manager Kevin Sheekey lacked his trademark bravado in a statement he issued as the results trickled in.


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