Red States Need To Ban Liberal Newcomers Before It’s Too Late (opinion)

written by reader Jeff Huxley

Red states need to ban liberals from moving into their states before they face the sacking seen across the United States the past week.

Democrats have a bad habit of voting for leaders that adhere to their leftist views, then when those views make life miserable for them, they get up and move to an easier to live in Republican town or state. They then vote for more leftist politicians and start the cannibalizing process all over again.

This is causing devastation across the United States. They are slowly eroding the values that made this country great. This was a prosperous country when it adhered to democracy, freedom, liberty, and capitalism. Now we have practically none of this. Instead, states like Arizona, Utah, Florida and the Carolinas continue to see more and more leftists move in. Virginia and Colorado are already lost.

If this continues, we’ll have nothing left but their oppression.

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